Quilting Services

Overall quilting covers the quilt with a pattern that goes from top to bottom
and side to side, with no breaks to distinguish blocks or borders. This type
of quilting is the most economical and a good choice for busy fabrics and
quilts that will get a lot of use and washing. We have over 200 choices of
patterns so, we can find one that will suit your quilt top "to a tee".

This type of quilting is for those quilt tops that need a little something extra.
An example would be a "Turning Twenty"-type pattern. An overall design
would look good in the centre portion, and then we could put a separate
pattern on the borders - dressing it up! Another example would be those
quilts that have a 3-D element in them - flanges or folded pieces. These
need a semi-custom treatment to fully appreciate the 3-D accents.  This
style is in the mid-range pricewise.

We're getting into the specialty category with this type of quilting. If you
want motifs, a different design in each block and the borders treated to
a beautiful separate pattern, then this is the style for you. We will enhance
your piecing skills and show off those areas of which you are most proud.
Applique quilts are a perfect fit for this category